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About Us

Big Bob’s Flooring in Anchorage, Alaska specializes in investment property, remodels, commercial, home improvements, and pretty much any flooring problems you have. Our knowledgeable and long-time staff can help you find any type of flooring material you need, from your classic carpet to beautiful wood or to trending waterproof floors. We can floor your outhouse to your penthouse. We do binding of carpet, any shape or size, to make your own custom area rug. We also deliver at no charge purchased materials to Alaska Bush via USPS or other major cargo airlines freight collect.

Our Flooring Consultants


Big Bob's Flooring Outlet

Our founder, David Elyachar began his floor covering career as a retail carpet salesman. He worked his way up to sales manager and eventually became a mill representative. This experience afforded him extensive knowledge in all areas of the floor covering business. In addition, David developed solid contacts and personal relationships throughout the industry that have aided him in the development of his venture. These contacts continue to play a vital role in the success of Big Bob’s Flooring Outlets.

In late 1983, David and his family decided to replace the “like new” carpet in their recently purchased home. The carpet did not match their furnishings but was nearly new. It seemed wasteful to simply discard it, so they opted to advertise the carpet in the Sunday classifieds. To their surprise, the entire house-full of carpet sold immediately and over 50 calls were received from that single advertisement. The overwhelming response sparked an idea. After checking the yellow pages for a “Used Carpet” listing and finding none, an opportunity was discovered. Nine days after that infamous ad, a business, marketing and operational plan had been written, forms printed, warehouse rented, and inventory purchased. The rest as they say... is history.

Big Bob’s Used Carpet has evolved into Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet and is now more than just a First Quality Flooring Outlet Franchise business. There are currently over 50 locations nationally, providing America’s customers with great value, quality products and outstanding service.